Program and “What if…” poster series

At ARPA-H, our pursuit of health breakthroughs begins with a deceptively simple question: What if?

To reach transformative health solutions for everyone, we need to push ourselves to think beyond our current limitations. We need to ask what’s missing, what could be, and where could we go? When we ask “What if?” we bring the impossible into focus.

Inspired by the infinite possibility of this question, we challenged ourselves to illustrate several seemingly audacious solutions. Our “What if?” posters reflect a wide range of health challenges — and their audacious potential solutions.

ARPA-H programs launched

ARPA-H programs are ambitious and bold - each aiming to radically improve health by turning seemingly impossible ideas into real, groundbreaking health transformations. Imagine with us the solutions that could reach everyone who needs them.

UPGRADE signature image

The Universal PatchinG and Remediation for Autonomous DEfense (UPGRADE) program is a cybersecurity effort intended to develop a software platform that finds and patches potential vulnerabilities for network-connected hospital devices.

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3600 x 5400 (4.5MB)

BREATHE signature image of a multi-story building

ARPA-H's Building Resilient Environments for Air and Total HEalth (BREATHE) program aims to create a scalable platform to improve indoor air quality in buildings across the country. 

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EMBODY signature image poster of a collage of immune cells

The Engineering of Immune Cells Inside the Body (EMBODY) program’s goal is to radically alter how immune therapies are developed and delivered, eliminating the time, cost, and access hurdles.

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ADAPT signature image poster

ARPA-H’s ADvanced Analysis for Precision cancer Therapy (ADAPT) program aims to track tumor changes and enable a more proactive response to cancer care.

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ARPA-H's Digital Health Security Initiative, or DIGIHEALS, has a goal to provide better digital security that keeps our health systems and patients' information more secure.

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PARADIGM signature image with hexagons linked across nodes

ARPA-H’s Platform Accelerating Rural Access to Distributed & InteGrated Mobile care (PARADIGM) program aims to expand rural health care access.

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THEA poster

ARPA-H’s Transplantation of Human Eye Allografts (THEA) program aims to transplant human eyes and reestablish functional visual connection to the brain.

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HEROES poster

ARPA-H’s Health care Rewards to Achieve Improved Outcomes (HEROES) program will explore new ways to address some of our country’s most pressing preventable health challenges.

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APECx poster thumbnail

ARPA-H’s Antigens Predicted for Broad Viral Efficacy through Computational Experimentation (APECx) program aims to transform vaccine discovery by developing a computational toolkit to help design vaccines that target many viruses at once.

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REACT poster thumb

ARPA-H’s Resilient Extended Automatic Cell Therapies (REACT) program seeks to develop new technologies that will improve access, affordability, and patient self-care by automatically delivering treatments and monitoring for disease from within an individual’s body.

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PSI poster thumbnail

ARPA-H’s first cancer-focused program, Precision Surgical Interventions (PSI), seeks to improve the visibility of tumor tissue and other critical anatomical structures during surgery, reducing the chances of damage or need for re-operation.

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NITRO poster thumbnail

ARPA-H's first program, Novel Innovations for Tissue Regeneration in Osteoarthritis (NITRO), aims to unlock new futures for the millions of people with osteoarthritis, with potential applications in a range of diseases and conditions that require regenerative breakthroughs.

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Imagined programs

While this set of posters does not reflect actual ARPA-H programs (yet!), we aim to inspire future activities and will continue to release additional posters as our programs — and solutions — develop. Check back for our latest work!

Heart poster thumbnail

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Nanorobot poster thumbnail

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Vaccine poster thumbnail

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