The ARPA-H Model

Advancing the Best Solutions

Like other Advanced Research Projects Agencies, ARPA-H provides research funding to create new opportunities and solve important problems through ambitious, well-defined, and measurable programs. Each program is led by a Program Manager (or PM) who champions a core idea, frames a challenge, and awards projects to multidisciplinary teams of performers, whose work is then measured and evaluated to ensure that only the best solutions advance.

ARPA-H supports high-impact research carried out by a wide variety of groups across the country, including everyone from academia and private industry to the government. Watch the video below to learn more about the ARPA-H model.

The Model

Program Manager

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Program Manager identifies a difficult health-related challenge that is ripe for solving.

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Challenge image

The challenge should NOT be easily Solvable through Traditional activities.

Program Launch

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A program manager seeks - and oversees - several groups of performers aiming to solve the same problem in unique ways.


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Performers compete to carry out their potential innovative solutions to the challenge.


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Support for ARPA-H programs comes from funding, Program Managers, partners, and ARPA-H offices to ensure the best chance of success throughout the process.


Performance is assessed regularly. If results fail to measure up, a performer’s work may be stopped, while more successful performers continue. Valuable lessons are learned and shared from each project.

Performance map


Graduation occurs when the challenge is solved. The project then transfers to partners, who have been involved from the start and can scale the solution for large, diverse communities everywhere.

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