Open Broad Agency Announcement

Open BAA to transition to Mission Office-specific Innovation Solutions Opening (ISOs)

To enhance our ability to support initiatives that align with our mission and Strategic Plan, we are transitioning to Mission Office-specific Innovation Solutions Openings (ISOs) and will be closing the current Open BAA on March 14, 2024. Submissions to the Open BAA received before this date will still be reviewed according to the current process. We highly encourage individuals to submit to the Mission Office-specific ISO, which will be posted no later than March 15, 2024, on

For those interested in submitting to the Mission Office-specific ISOs, ARPA-H is fielding questions on each office’s draft ISOs, which can be found on the Office-Wide Innovation Solutions Opening page on Interested groups can submit questions on the drafts ISOs at

Mission Office-specific ISOs allow ARPA-H to fund health-related technology research & development outside of the traditional grant or contract structure by using solicitations designed for cooperative agreements and “other transactions” for flexibilities outside of the Federal Acquisition Regulation.

Applicants are also encouraged to view current opportunities on the ARPA-H program page and sign up for ARPA-H Vitals to be notified when the Mission Office-specific ISOs are live."

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