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Information Request for Interested Organizations

Thank you for showing interest in ARPA-H’s Hub and spoke health innovation network. We are aware that teaming, both now and in the future, will be critical for this effort’s success. Accordingly, we have created this form to facilitate connections between interested parties. This effort will grow over time in alignment with ARPA-H programs. Therefore, ARPA-H will add many localities and performers, on a rolling basis, during the period of performance. If you have an aligned capability, this first wave will not be your only chance to participate.

ARPA-H’s strategy is specifically designed to attract non-traditional government performers. Consortium management firms, per the solicitation, must have experience doing this work because they serve a facilitating role that is largely administrative. On the other hand, consortium members will provide the substantive capabilities and may or may not have experience working with the federal government. Please develop your teams accordingly. For questions, please contact us at

View information request form

Teaming Partner List

ARPA-H seeks to partner with diverse organizations from all regions of the United States, including urban and rural communities. The purpose of the Teaming Partner List is to facilitate teaming among organizations interested in joining ARPA-H's hub and spoke innovation network. The list does not represent final selections and does not include all interested organizations. To be added to the list, organizations can submit their information by clicking the button above and filling out the form.

By enabling and publishing the Teaming Partner List, ARPA-H is not endorsing, sponsoring, or otherwise evaluating the qualifications of the individuals and organizations that are self-identifying themselves for placement on this Teaming Partner List.

To narrow the results in the Teaming Partner List, please use the input below to filter results based on your search term. The list will filter as you type.

Organization Contact Information Location Hub(s) Role(s) Organizational Information Strength(s)/Experience Reason(s) for partnering
Texas A&M University Health Science Center Jim Song ( Bryan/College Station, TX Customer Experience; Investor Catalyst Consortium Management Firm (CMF); Consortium Member The Texas A&M University Health Science Center (officially known as Texas A&M Health), a component of Texas A&M University, offers health professions research, education and patient care in dentistry, medicine, nursing, biomedical sciences, public health, and pharmacy. Immunotherapies for various diseases. T cell biology and T cell-based therapies.
Texas A&M University Wenshe Ray Liu (
College Station, TX Investor Catalyst Consortium Member Texas A&M University (TAMU) has established itself as a leading institution in health research, with a strong commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation. The university's focus on addressing pressing health issues has led to significant advancements in various fields, including biomedical sciences, public health, pharmacy, nursing, and veterinary medicine.

One of TAMU's most notable strengths lies in its extensive research infrastructure. The university boasts state-of-the-art facilities and centers that promote cutting-edge research, such as the Institute for Biosciences and Technology, the Center for Population Health and Aging, and the Texas A&M Institute for Preclinical Studies. These facilities facilitate collaborative efforts among researchers, providing access to advanced technologies and resources.

Additionally, TAMU's interdisciplinary approach encourages cooperation among different departments and colleges, promoting the exchange of knowledge and expertise. This collaborative environment fosters the development of innovative solutions to complex health challenges by leveraging the diverse skill sets of researchers across various fields.

The university's commitment to research excellence is also evident in its efforts to attract and retain top-tier faculty and researchers. TAMU boasts a roster of distinguished professionals who have made significant contributions to their respective fields, driving the university's reputation as a leader in health research.

Furthermore, TAMU emphasizes the importance of translating research findings into real-world applications. Through partnerships with industry and government agencies, the university actively seeks opportunities to transform scientific discoveries into practical solutions that benefit public health.

What TAMU can offer to ARPA-H is its strong support in exploring novel techniques by its scientist team in the development of different diagnoses and therapeutics.
I am an renowned chemical biologist and medicinal chemist with expertise in synthetic organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, chemical biology, biochemistry, and biology. My lab has developed creative chemistry and biology interface techniques for the identification of novel reagents as potential diagnoses and therapeutics. I can serve as a leading scientist in a ARPA-H team to address impeding health concerns. Partner with a team to develop innovative chemistry and biology techniques for the development of new diagnoses and therapeutics.
AMK Technologies of Ohio, LLC Mansoor Khan (
Mount Vernon, OH Customer Experience; Investor Catalyst Consortium Member AMK Technologies, a healthcare technology company based in Mount Vernon, Ohio, focuses on improving healthcare accessibility in rural areas through innovation. Founded in 2017, the company excels in developing complex telemedicine solutions. Our OneClinic platform powers rural “microclinics” that allow patient visits and real-time medical examinations with doctors over telemedicine. With a strong foothold in rural regions like the Appalachian area, AMK Technologies is well-equipped to understand and address the unique healthcare challenges faced by these communities. Teaming partners from healthcare, innovation hubs, and technical sectors can benefit from AMK Technologies' expertise in clinic operations, healthcare systems, and telemedicine capabilities. AMK Technologies can also leverage strategic partnerships with academic institutions, including The Ohio State University and Mount Vernon Nazarene University, for collaboration on advanced projects. Additionally, AMK Technologies maintains strong connections with healthcare providers like pharmacies and urgent care facilities, as well as social programs, further expanding their impact in rural areas.

By partnering with AMK Technologies, organizations can leverage the company's strengths in rural healthcare, telemedicine technology development, and cross-sector collaboration to create a meaningful impact on healthcare accessibility and quality.
AMK Technologies is seeking teaming partners dedicated to enhancing rural healthcare accessibility through innovation. Potential partnerships include hospitals aiming to expand their rural outreach, telemedicine service providers, and organizations with expertise in healthcare technology.
Southern Research Lexie Lehmann (
Birmingham, AL Customer Experience; Investor Catalyst Consortium Member Southern Research is a non-profit scientific research organization founded in Birmingham, Alabama in 1941. Of the activities listed in the draft RCA, we offer lab space, entrepreneurial mentorship and support, business development and commercialization services, immersion experiences with patient and provider groups, and health ecosystem listening sessions. Recently, we launched a $20M Community Health Catalyst project to improve diverse patient health outcomes and support rural hospitals in the Deep South. In our 81-year legacy of moving science, our organization has helped shape modern cancer treatment practices, including developing seven FDA-approved cancer drugs and testing more than half of active chemotherapies in the United States. We have over 150,000 sq. ft. of wet labs on our campus and partner closely with the University of Alabama at Birmingham and their CTSA-funded Center for Clinical Translational Research. Seeking partners authentically interested in reaching diverse and underserved communities in the Deep South. We have the capabilities and experts to support both a Customer Discovery and Investor Catalyst Hub.
Rubix LS Stacy Arrazcaeta (
Lawrence, MA Investor Catalyst Consortium Member Human digital health futuristic research and development firm focused on advancing underserved/undersupported patient care and therapeutic innovation. Very robust team in scaling futuristic research for pilot deployment in nuanced capacities for adoption and healthcare assimiliation feasibility. Complimentary teaming in areas of therapeutic innovation to blend as a combination product and services to the broader patient community.
Deerfield Foundation Mark Veich (
New York, NY Investor Catalyst Consortium Management Firm (CMF) The Deerfield Foundation is an affiliate of Deerfield Management L.P., a NYC-based healthcare investment firm focused on advancing healthcare and accelerating better healthcare outcomes through investment, information, and philanthropy. Deerfield Management has nearly three decades of history as a dedicated investment firm, with approximately $15 billion assets under management. Deerfield Management is unique in their focus on healthcare and life sciences companies, including therapeutics, medical technologies, and healthcare services/IT. Deerfield offers over 170 experienced team members, financing solutions specialists, healthcare and financial market analysis, company startup and operational executives, a full-services data analytics group, in-house drug discovery experts, and a dedicated genetics team. Our recent partners include the New York State Economic Development Council, the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, Illumina, and BioSymetrics. Our partnering incubators include Deerfield Catalyst (a premier medtech innovation hub/incubator), Nxt Biomedical (a technology development company focused on biomedical startups), and the New York Digital Health Accelerator (an innovation hub for growth-stage companies with digital health products). We also have partnered with approximately 28 innovative academic research institutions across the U.S. to help identify novel ideas. The Deerfield Foundation has pulled together an ecosystem that involves academia, industry, investors, healthcare providers, and non-governmental organizations, and federal partners to advance ARPA-H’s vision and enable individual performers to overcome common business challenges to bring their innovative ideas to the clinic and the market. Deerfield Management has over 30 years of experience in healthcare and investing and can choose to invest in participants or help facilitate introductions to other investors. Deerfield’s portfolio of companies spans the nation and the gamut of life science fields. As a strategic partner, Deerfield offers capital, scientific expertise, business operations support, and expanded access to resources. Organizations that fill gaps that exist in our proposal to become a CMF.
University City Science Center Katie Nash (
Philadelphia, PA Customer Experience; Investor Catalyst Consortium Management Firm (CMF); Consortium Member The University City Science Center is a nonprofit organization specializing in helping startups grow, nurturing a STEM workforce that's reflective of our Greater Philadelphia tristate region, and convening people to inspire action. In the context of this project, the Science Center would be available to contribute to the ARPA-H activities of an Investor Catalyst or Customer Experience Hub consortium by offering access to and engagement with our broad network of public and private research and healthcare partners in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. Our shareholders include 31 of the tristate region’s leading academic and research institutions. We frequently engage the regional life sciences innovation ecosystem and are regarded as a trusted, neutral convener of the regional innovation community.

Established in 1963, the Science Center has been recognized by The Brookings Institution as a best-in-class investor, mentor, and economic development partner for young technology companies. Working alongside industry partners and leading research and academic institutions across the globe, the Science Center has supported over 1,000 early-stage companies. Today, the organization advances healthcare innovation from idea to the marketplace through startup support services that drive inclusive innovation.
Hub: as the CMF for the Greater Philadelphia Customer Experience Hub, we seek partners from across the nation who are looking to join forces to support ARPA-H's mission.

Spoke: We stand ready to support Hubs (Customer Experience or Investor Catalyst) from diverse geographies that are looking to access a deep and broad network in the mid-Atlantic centered on the Greater Philadelphia region in DE, NJ, and PA. Given our 31 academic shareholder institutions, our service as a BARDA DRIVe Accelerator, a member of Life Sciences PA, the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, SSTI, NIIMBL, UEDA, AURP, and numerous other national organizations we can plug the Hub into a rich regional and national life sciences innovation network.
As a Hub: as the CMF for the Greater Philadelphia Customer Experience Hub, we seek partners from across the nation who are looking to join forces to support ARPA-H's mission.

As a Spoke: We stand ready to support Hubs from diverse geographies that are looking to access a deep and broad network in the mid-Atlantic centered on the Greater Philadelphia region in DE, NJ, and PA. The Science Center is a willing Spoke for either Hub, Customer Experience or Investor Catalyst.
Systems & Technology Research David Markowitz (
Woburn, MA Customer Experience; Investor Catalyst Consortium Member Systems and Technology Research (STR) is an R&D firm in Woburn, MA with a proven track record of developing, deploying, and maintaining secure data platforms at scale. We are available and interested to help CMFs support the “Data Commons” requirements in the ARPA-H Request for Consortium Agreement document. STR has developed and deployed multiple, large-scale data analytics platforms for DoD/IC and commercial customers, including for a US-based, global Fortune 500 company. This commercial platform securely processes terabytes of monthly consumer consumption data from aggregators in over 220 regions worldwide and can be adapted to securely pull clinical data. Our team is led by a former IARPA Program Manager who previously developed large-scale Government bioinformatics platforms to support both scientific and national security stakeholders. CMFs
(re)Solve Health Tamara StClaire (
San Francisco, California Investor Catalyst Consortium Member We are building a Medicaid-focused venture studio and innovation ecosystem, to reverse the systemic inequality in healthcare. The venture studio will 'grease the skids' of the Medicaid market, making it easier for entrepreneurs and investors to participate in the market and meaningfully address health equity. We will measure our success by the degree to which we increase the quality and scale of innovation in Medicaid.

The venture studio and innovation ecosystem will de-mystify Medicaid and purpose-build companies for this market. Leveraging our experience in building, acquiring, advising, and innovating in companies, we will:

• Support startups in developing innovations that reduce health disparities and have the potential to become vibrant businesses
• Partner with the US' largest Medicaid MCOs, so that innovations are designed to scale into these organizations
• Create greater clarity on market economics and success parameters, for investors, strategics, and entrepreneurs
• Advocate for greater investment, with greater integrity, in Medicaid-serving ventures
• Build the core elements of an ecosystem that will enable innovation to take hold across Medicaid-related systems, drawing from our experience designing the Tipping Point Fund and others.
(re)Solve Team. (re)Solve Health is led by two seasoned healthcare leaders with complementary experience in business, strategy, innovation, commercialization, population health, global health, and technology. We bring non-traditional experience to (re)Solve, combined with a deep understanding of US healthcare. This will enable us to develop novel solutions—drawn from diverse disciplines and bodies of experience—that are likely to actually work.

Tamara StClaire brings over thirty years of diverse commercial, innovation and operational experience in healthcare in large companies and startups to (re)Solve Ventures. Most of her career has centered around the nexus of technology and services to deliver care and interventions. She counts many firsts to her name: first end-to-end ACO solution (won two marketing awards); awarded first “Most Powerful Woman” in healthcare IT; first equity investment into a startup as Chief Innovation Officer at Xerox Healthcare; and first Business hire at the Palo Alto Research Center. Tam holds a BSand a PhD in Chemistry from UC Davis and an MBA from Columbia University.

Hope Neighbor brings over twenty years’ experience in strategic advisory, business building, and population health to (re)Solve Ventures. Most of Hope’s work has focused on how communities’ needs can be centered within government and healthcare systems’ strategic priorities. Hope has approached this work from multiple angles, from serving as a community health worker, to engaging with government and F200 business leaders, to building a consulting firm centered on integrating population health management innovations across health and care systems. Hope’s work has been featured in The Economist, Time, the New York Times, Fast Company, and other media outlets. She holds a Master’s in Public Affairs and Urban and Regional Planning (MPA/URP) from Princeton University and a BA from Pomona College in Public Policy with distinction in major. Early in her career, Hope was named an Emerging Leader by the National Council for Community Economic Development.
(re)Solve Health is seeking partners to further develop our ecosystem as well as a strategic partner that may be interested in housing the venture studio. (re)Solve seeks a strategic partner to house its venture studio and other business activities. (re)Solve seeks a partner that is a leader in health and social equity; that has intellectual flexibility and vigor; and whose market positioning will enhance (re)Solve’s ability to attract high volume, impact-seeking capital.

The Venture Studio partner would receive: exclusive access to Medicaid market insights to support high quality grantmaking or business building; opportunity to shape what the brightest mission-first entrepreneurs are developing; access to early partnership, investment, and acquisition opportunities; and the ability to plug into the Medicaid ecosystem, to discover further opportunities to advance health equity. An equity stake can be explored.

(re)Solve is also seeking partners that will help us build out a health ecosystem. This includes innovation centers, Medicaid MCO’s, and impact investors.
Georgia Institute of Technology Nakia Melecio (
Atlanta, Georgia Investor Catalyst Consortium Member Our organization offers decades of experience in working with large grants and helping advance and commercialize advanced therapies, diagnostics, drug development, and medical devices. My experience is largely in supporting and helping provide strong innovation and the translation of research out of the lab to commercial markets. And I am the Director of the Center for MedTech Excellence. And lastly, please view I am looking to join a strong partnership to help advance our nation's capacity in bringing novel medical solutions to our nation and beyond. Additionally, I am looking for a strong partnership that is committed to the health inequalities in our nation.
Mosaic Design Labs Frankie Myers (
Berkeley, CA Investor Catalyst Consortium Member; Consortium Management Firm (CMF) Mosaic Design Labs is a product development firm specializing in early stage innovation at the intersection of biology and engineering. Our team has experience bringing medical devices and life science instruments from concept development through market launch and manufacturing scale-up. We have relationships across the academic and industrial spectrum, and we bring experienced resources to the table in engineering, IP, regulatory, clinical, and manufacturing. We are particularly effective guiding early stage innovations coming from universities toward commercial products. Our core competencies include biomedical instrumentation for cell-based assays, cell therapy manufacturing, consumer health, point-of-care diagnostics, and laboratory automation. We combine a broad background in biology with a deep understanding of engineering fundamentals in order to develop new innovations and reduce costs in healthcare. We are looking to partner with universities, investors, and experts across various fields where new biomedical instrumentation is needed.
Medical Alley Frank Jaskulke (
Minneapolis, MN Investor Catalyst Consortium Member Medical Alley represents 800+ healthcare and health technology organizations including some of the world's largest in insurance, care delivery, medical devices, digital health, and biotechnology. Our Medical Alley Starts venture platform worked with 900 startups in 2022 from around the world to help them find investors, advisors, suppliers, and strategic partners. High volume experience across a range of healthcare domains, access to a global network of expertise, data systems to track activities and optimize for future requests. Groups that share similar values of inclusive innovation.
The Engine built by MIT Conrad Hollomon (
Cambridge, MA Investor Catalyst Consortium Member The Engine built by MIT, is dedicated to translating breakthrough academic research into high-scale companies for global impact. With over 200,000 square feet of lab and office space, The Engine supports a growing community of 100+ resident & portfolio companies, providing mentorship and resources to drive innovation. Managing over $650M in assets and investing in over 47 companies, The Engine Fund is renowned for investing in cutting-edge technologies to address pressing global challenges.

The Engine also accelerates technology transfer through our Whiteboard and Blueprint programs. Our Whiteboard program assists faculty members in converting their research into Tough Tech startups. Whiteboard provides guidance on company formation, technology, human and financial capital, and connects participants with experienced entrepreneurs and peers. Our Blueprint program provides tailored programming on technology risk mitigation, market discovery, and team building, and has worked with 549 participants, 288 teams, and 62 institutions since its launch in 2020. Blueprint equips participants with the tools needed to navigate the commercialization process and connect with key industry players.

The Engine's ongoing commitment to innovation and adaptation positions it as a valuable partner for ARPA-H and teaming partners in the health innovation ecosystem.
We have a proven track record in commercializing breakthrough technologies. The Engine's success in investing and supporting companies focused on developing cutting-edge technologies demonstrates our ability to identify and nurture promising startups. This expertise will be invaluable for ARPA-H in fostering health innovation, accelerating the development of novel therapies and diagnostic tools.

The Engine's comprehensive infrastructure and resources, including lab and office space, will provide ARPA-H stakeholders with a conducive environment for research, development, and collaboration. This support will facilitate the rapid advancement of foundational breakthroughs in human health, making the innovation hub and spokes vital centers for transformative solutions.

Our experienced team and network of mentors can offer crucial guidance and support to ARPA-H stakeholders, enabling them to navigate the complexities of commercialization, funding, and partnerships. By connecting startups with industry experts, policymakers, and investors, The Engine will help create a robust support system for ARPA-H initiatives.

We are excited at the opportunity to engage with teaming partners who want to foster a strong, collaborative ecosystem that nurtures innovation and drives progress. By aligning our programs and resources with those of our teaming partners - together - we will create synergies that maximize the impact of ARPA-H initiatives.
We are looking for teaming partners capable of fostering a collaborative and supportive ecosystem that accelerates the development and commercialization of transformative human health breakthroughs. Ecosystem development is a team sport, and we look forward to working with the following teaming partners:

* Research universities and institutes. Academic institutions with strong research programs in life sciences, biomedical engineering, and related fields will provide access to more cutting-edge research, facilities, and talent. Collaborating with more universities also fosters even deeper connections with faculty, graduate students, and postdocs who may be interested in commercializing their research. Additionally, collaborating with technology transfer offices at universities and research institutes will streamline the identification, protection, and commercialization of intellectual property resulting from academic research.
* Healthcare providers and hospitals. Partnerships with healthcare providers and hospitals will offer valuable insights into clinical needs and facilitate access to patient populations for clinical trials. These collaborations will also help in the development and validation of new diagnostic tools, therapies, and medical devices.
* Biotech companies. Collaboration with established biotech companies will provide ARPA-H stakeholders with industry expertise, resources, and potential partnership opportunities. These companies can also offer guidance on navigating regulatory requirements, clinical trials, and market access.
* Government agencies and research organizations. Partnering with additional federal and state agencies will provide access to funding, specialized facilities, and expertise. These partnerships also help ARPA-H stakeholders navigate regulatory frameworks and explore potential government contracts or collaborations.
* Venture capital firms and investors. Engaging with additional venture capital firms and investors with experience in the healthcare sector will provide ARPA-H stakeholders with valuable insights into funding opportunities, business development, and scaling strategies.
* Incubators and accelerators. Partnering with additional incubators and accelerators focused on breakthrough innovation in human health will provide additional resources, mentorship, and support to ARPA-H stakeholders, creating a strong network to foster growth and success.
* Industry associations and advocacy groups. Collaboration with industry associations and advocacy groups will help ARPA-H stakeholders navigate the market landscape, understand market dynamics, and connect with potential partners, customers, and stakeholders.
City of Kannapolis/NC Research Campus Irene Sacks (
Kannapolis, NC Customer Experience; Investor Catalyst Consortium Member The City of Kannapolis is home to the North Carolina Research Campus, a research park with eight NC universities, private companies, entrepreneurs, and non-profit groups focused and collaborating on human health, precision nutrition, and clinical research. Our assets and expertise include clinical trials and longitudinal studies, health-related public engagement experience, genomics, and bioinformatics. In addition, we have strong partnerships with Atrium Health, which recently merged to become the Advocate Health system, with 67 hospitals in 6 states. We have the assets to support both the Customer Experience Hub and the Investor Catalyst Hub. Our strengths on the Investor Catalyst side include mentorship and support, business development and networking, education and training, and commercialization support. For the Customer Experience Hub, we are able to provide immersive experiences, user-testing of self-administered diagnostics, simulation of patient-centered care environment, hosting inclusive patient listening sessions, patient-centered design, and novel clinical trials. We are looking to be a spoke in either the Customer Experience Hub or the Investor Catalyst Hub
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Tyler Willis (
Arlington, VA Customer Experience; Investor Catalyst Consortium Member; Consortium Management Firm (CMF) Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. Millions of customers—including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies—are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster. We want to help plan, design, build, and operate innovative cloud solutions to forward the ARPA-H mission. We provide support through a number of mechanisms, including strategic planning, advisory support, architecture design assistance, specialist deep dives, domain subject matter expertise, professional services engagements, and more. We excel at supporting customers and partners to create cloud solutions for research and healthcare use cases. We have extensive experience in both the private and public sector helping organizations use leading edge technology to accelerate scientific discovery and improve health outcomes. We are interested in helping partners to plan, design, pilot, implement, operate, and scale a national data commons to support the ARPA-H mission and CMF/Consortium Member requirements.
Biosortia Microbiomics Ross O. Youngs (
Columbus, Ohio Investor Catalyst Consortium Member #smallmolecules #microbiome #naturalproducts #Teams- Biosortia’s scientifically validated technology platforms and systems distinctly capture never-before accessed natural microbiomes’ critical data and novel small molecules. Biosortia’s full-scale microbiome harvesting and mining platform are positioned to disrupt and transform knowledge.

Biosortia will bring the most sought-after unobtainable drug-like natural small molecules from nature into research for the first time. In therapeutics, this means faster and higher probabilities of clinical success for cures and treatments. Importantly, the technology will also lead to finding a wealth of targets and markers, leading to understanding, thus driving the entire healthcare preventative and intervention ecosystem.
Biosortia was awarded a $6 million ARPA-E (U.S. Dept. of Energy R&D) grant for its algal (microbiome) harvesting technology, which helped lead to the development of Biosortia’s drug discovery platform. Founder/Ross Youngs holds over 75 patents. In 1998, Ross was awarded the Ernst & Young Ohio Entrepreneur of the Year award. Additionally, the U.S. Small Business Administration honored him as their national “Business Person of the Year" Capabilities in screening and assaying, Pre-Clinical expertise. Looking to team with National Labs, Universities, Biotechs, and Pharma.
San Diego Regenerative Medicine Institute Xuejun Parsons (
San Diego, California Investor Catalyst Consortium Member San Diego Regenerative Medicine Institute was founded to facilitate the transition of human stem cell research towards stem cell therapy to provide the next generation of cell-based therapeutic solutions for unmet medical challenges in world-wide major health problems. SDRMI is committed to the leading position in pluripotent human embryonic stem cell (hESC) research and cell-based regenerative medicine by developing groundbreaking hESC technology platforms and innovative hESC-based regenerative medicine approaches, including: PluriXcel Human Stem Cell Technology Platforms: provide proprietary clinical-grade translating capabilities to address key challenges to traditional medicine & biofabrication, and offers currently the only available human cell sources in large quantity and high quality with adequate cellular capacity to regenerate the contractile heart muscle and the neuron circuitry, overcoming major bottlenecks for tissue repair & biofabrication, including: PluriXcel-DCS Platform; PluriXcel-SMI-Heart Platform; PluriXcel-SMI-Neuron Platform. Xcel Cell Therapy Product Prototypes: provide the only available human cell sources in commercial scales with adequate cellular pharmacologic utility and capacity to regenerate the neurons and contractile heart muscles, vital for neurological and heart repair for a wide range of neurological and cardiovascular diseases in the clinical setting, including: Parkinson’s disease, ALS, Alzheimer disease, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, stroke, heart disease and failure. As a major innovator, we are founded to leverage stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine development and manufacturing innovations to provide the next generation of cell-based therapeutic solutions for unmet medical needs, and hold robust IP position with issued patents and exclusive rights for development and commercialization of pluripotent human embryonic stem cell (hESC)-derived neuronal and heart cell therapy products and tools, including USPTO patent# 9,428,731 and 8,716,017 for large-scale production of clinical-grade high quality hESC lines and their functional heart-muscle/neuronal cell therapy products. We uniquely hold the key breakthrough technologies and exclusive rights for the major bottlenecks in the regenerative medicine market for a wide range of incurable or hitherto untreatable neurological and heart diseases. Our hESC therapy products represent the next generation of human cell therapy products, offering purity, large-scale production, high quality, safety, and effectiveness for commercial and therapeutic uses over all other existing human cell sources or products. Our hESC therapy products will not only significantly increase the success rate in clinical trials and reduce the costs of registration pipeline as they reach cGMP-compliance and subsequent clinical phases, but also qualify for FDA RMAT Designation to accelerate regulatory approval and patient access to new therapies. Heart and neurological disorders are major health problems with no effective treatment or drug that can restore the damaged or lost heart or neurological tissues and functions. Traditional cell sources/products have failed to demonstrate stem cell production at the scale and product purity adequate to heal the damaged or lost tissues that have naturally limited capacity for repair. We have solved these unmet medical needs with our technological breakthroughs enabling highly-efficient direct-conversion of clinical-grade hESC into a large supply of high-purity human heart muscle cells or neuronal cells with adequate capacity to regenerate contractile heart muscles or neuron circuitries, providing the only available regenerative human cell sources in commercial scales for a wide range of incurable or hitherto untreatable neurological and cardiovascular diseases. We uniquely hold the key breakthrough technologies/patents/IP/rights for the major bottlenecks in the regenerative medicine market with a flexible business model, open to partnership, investment, and licensing. Our proprietary cutting-edge hESC technology platforms provide clinical-grade translating capabilities to address key challenges to traditional medicine & biofabrication, including derivation/development of clinical-grade scalable CNS- and heart-related human stem/progenitor/precursor cells and functional human neurons and heart muscle cell/tissue/organ products useful for: stem cell banking, neuronal/cardiomyocyte replacement therapies, CNS/heart tissue/organ biofabrication.
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Carleigh Smith (
Lubbock, TX Customer Experience Consortium Member Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) is the leading institution in health care education in West Texas. TTUHSC educates students, provides patient care, and conducts laboratory and clinical research. TTUHSC graduates the highest number of healthcare professionals in Texas, and is a Carnegie Classified Special Focus Four-Year Research Institution. TTUHSC is home to world-class research programs and state-of-the-art facilities that support innovative research across a range of disciplines, including cancer, infectious diseases, brain health, and chronic diseases. Our researchers have a proven track record of developing cutting-edge technologies and treatments that have improved patient outcomes and transformed the practice of medicine. In addition to our research strengths, TTUHSC is uniquely positioned to advance rural health with telehealth solutions. TTUHSC’s rural health and telemedicine programs have a 32.1% compound growth rate that’s growing to meet the needs of our service territory (West Texas, Eastern New Mexico, and Oklahoma) spanning 131,000 square miles across 108 counties, including 61 Medical Underserved Areas/Populations. By leveraging our research strengths and commitment to improving the health of rural communities, TTUHSC is poised to be a valuable partner for ARPA-H in achieving its mission of revolutionizing health and medicine. TTUHSC is a strong partner for ARPA-H in improving health outcomes for underserved and rural populations. With a proven track record in rural health, commitment to telehealth, vast regional territory, access to rural patients, existing community and clinical partnerships, and expertise in research areas such as cancer and neurological diseases, TTUHSC is well-equipped to develop a systemized approach to studying and improving rural health care that can work with ARPA H to translate knowledge gained in West Texas to improve rural health care across the USA.

TTUHSC's F. Marie Hall Institute for Rural and Community Health has developed sustainable best practices that improve healthcare access and outcomes in rural communities. With a service area of 131,000 square miles and a population of 3.1 million, TTUHSC has gained expertise in addressing the specific demands of rural healthcare. This provides a valuable opportunity for ARPA-H to collaborate with TTUHSC in developing and implementing effective strategies to improve healthcare in rural and underserved areas.

TTUHSC's commitment to telehealth technology and innovation presents an opportunity for ARPA-H to partner in advancing telemedicine in rural areas. With a compound growth rate of 32.1% for telehealth services and over 160,000 clinical telehealth visits since the pandemic, TTUHSC's dedication to providing accessible healthcare in underserved communities is evident.

TTUHSC's Cancer Center, with its comprehensive approach to cancer research and national resource laboratories, is well-equipped to improve access to new anti-cancer drugs for patients in West Texas and beyond through early-phase oncology trials. Additionally, its unified West Texas cancer biobanking system provides an invaluable resource for cancer research. By partnering with ARPA-H, TTUHSC's Cancer Center can further leverage its research strengths to develop studies of novel approaches to rural patient cancer care as a “rural health oncology laboratory”. TTUHSC is poised to collaborate with non-rural institutions in Texas to obtain data that will inform the expansion of clinical trials, including use of teleoncology interventions, in rural areas, eventually leading to improved patient outcomes across rural America.

TTUHSC's mission to transform healthcare through innovation and collaboration is reflected in its strong partnerships with community, government, and industry to improve regional patient outcomes. With its collaborative approach and expertise in leveraging research strengths, TTUHSC is well-equipped to support the development and implementation of innovative and effective healthcare solutions for underserved rural communities.
TTUHSC is actively seeking partnerships to complement and enhance our efforts in West Texas, particularly in the areas of telehealth innovation and technologies, as well as designing innovative clinical trials with a focus on rural community participation, and implementing rapid molecular testing for cancer patients that is necessary to guide therapy. We are interested in collaborating with established partners who have expertise in research, clinical care, and are committed to improving healthcare outcomes for our rural and underserved communities.

TTUHSC has taken proactive steps to leverage our physician practice group, Texas Tech Physicians, our schools of medicine, and schools of nursing, to create innovative solutions. TTUHSC has integrated telehealth, such as patient evaluation and remote patient monitoring, in training and practice which has positively impacted health outcomes. With the right partner, TTUHSC can continue to advance the development of therapeutics and reach more communities.
Career Match Solutions, LLC Cliff Scott (
Additional: Brian Mitchell
Riverview, FL Customer Experience Consortium Member Thank You, Career Match is a Municipality and Fedral government focused Human Capital Firm, We offer staffing performances in Medical, IT, Engineering, Admin/account and Labor Genre's Our organization has been in existence for more than 15 years and currently have a reached in 37 Individual States. We are custmoer focused and able to meet desired requirements as they arise in a professional and efficent manner. I am primarily looking at organizations that are managing various projects that need a teaming partner capable of keeping up with the demands for Human Capital
The Aurora Forge, LLC Cynthia Petrone-Hudock, Chief Strategy Officer (
Jacksonville, FL Customer Experience; Investor Catalyst Consortium Member The Aurora Forge was founded by experienced entrepreneurs, engineers, policymakers, and healthcare industry leaders with a mission to grow seed-stage startups through direct funding, shared operations services, and expert coaching. With a vision to identify and empower the next generation of brilliant minds in technology to transform the world through disruptive advancements, we are uniquely positioned to support ARPA-H. Our mission is to infuse market-disrupting innovations with talent and commercial expertise and forge companies that decisively impact our world. Our approach entails surrounding entrepreneurs with advisors, services and support to help their startups refine business models to drive customer acquisition and accelerate revenue. Learn more at

Scope of services:
• Focus Area support from domain experts to assist in identifying problem statements and testing solutions in real world environments, and planning for deployment at scale.
• An extensive network to leverage domain experts, with strong networks across biomedical research and health care communities, to assist in building and recruiting Performer teams and tapping academic and industry talent.
• Advisory services to support Program Managers in launch and program management.
• Shared Services for accomplishment of work plans.
• Ongoing support for post ARPA-H transition and commercialization of solutions in the marketplace.
Advisory services to support Program Managers in project launch and program management to include:
• Facilitation of ongoing access to experts and networks to address unanticipated roadblocks.
• Assistance in coordinating stakeholder engagement, measuring progress, evaluating risks and monitoring mitigation plans, which may require a change management process, all to ensure goals are met on time and within budget.
• Development, launch and management of an internship program that attracts a diverse college and summer high school student body to engage in ARPA-H initiatives to include informational material to encourage and inspire students to apply.
• Performing outreach to support healthcare provider and patient advisory groups serving as “voices of the community” to ensure workable, human-centered designs.
• Business Consultants to assist with development of business plans, feedback on minimum viable product offerings and due diligence on existing marketplace technologies/services that may be leveraged to improve speed to market. These consultants will open doors to industry collaborators and/or potential customers, leveraging those relationships to further refine targeted content for business development.
• Investor introductions and recommended creative approaches to company formation and business strategies. Our team has experience in structuring hybrid organizations such as Benefit Corporations and Low-profit Limited Liability Companies (L3Cs) to unlock program-related investments from private foundations.
• Identification and introduction to partners that can assist in scaling solutions for large, diverse communities.

Shared Services as needed for accomplishment of work plans such as:
• Local meeting, office and lab space.
• Remote support to address administrative needs, marketing services such as market assessments, creative and communication/material development, accounting/financial modeling, and legal/contract management and IP protection.

Ongoing support for post ARPA-H transition and commercialization of solutions in the marketplace to include:
• Identification of transition partners, third-party investment and Advisors to mentor and continue to open doors to facilitate adoption.
Organizations that are engaging with ARPA-H to supply ideas, program managers and performers that can benefit from a network of the top healthcare systems across the country to vet concepts, advise on go-to-market strategies and help commercialize products and services to solve problem statements. Partners looking for assistance with Benefit Corporations, L3Cs as well as setting up more complex structures to enable for-profit and non-profit hybrid vehicles.
Massive Bio, Inc Selin Kurnaz (
New York, NY Investor Catalyst; Customer Experience Consortium Member Massive Bio empowers cancer patients to find their best treatment options, using artificial intelligence to improve equitable access and precision targeting for clinical trial matching, drug matching, and drug development. Massive Bio combines its best-in-class AI platform with technology-enabled services to remove barriers in clinical trial enrollment, value-based oncology decisions, and data-driven cancer treatment. The company serves more than two dozen pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, and hospital networks, and has been awarded an SBIR contract by the National Cancer Institute. Massive Bio was founded in 2015 by clinical, technology, and M&A executives, and has a global presence with nearly 100 people in 12 countries. We are uniquely positioned to be a key member by leveraging our technology, access to patients, providers, sites and CRO/Pharma and move forward the needle in precision oncology. Massive Bio is a leading precision medicine company with extensive experience and capabilities in clinical trial design and execution, genomic testing and analysis, and patient recruitment and engagement. As a consortium member in ARPA-H, Massive Bio brings a wealth of expertise in developing and implementing innovative solutions to improve patient outcomes and advance the field of precision medicine. It’s founders bring a wealth of experience hard to match, as well as a key innovation stack.

Massive Bio's strengths in clinical trial design and execution include its ability to rapidly identify and recruit eligible patients through its vast network of healthcare providers and patient communities. The company's proprietary technology platform enables efficient and effective patient management, monitoring, and data analysis, allowing for real-time insights and decision-making.

In addition, Massive Bio has significant experience in genomic testing and analysis, which is critical in identifying targeted therapies and developing personalized treatment plans for patients. The company's team of experts includes board-certified oncologists, pharmacists, and genomic specialists who work closely with patients and their healthcare providers to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Overall, Massive Bio's strengths and experience make it an ideal consortium member in ARPA-H, as it brings a unique perspective and innovative solutions to the table that can help accelerate the development of cutting-edge precision medicine technologies and therapies.
As a category-making AI enabled precision medicine company, Massive Bio seeks partners in the ARPA-H consortium who share its mission to improve patient outcomes and advance the field of healthcare through innovative technologies and therapies. The company recognizes the value of diverse perspectives and expertise, and seeks partners across a range of sectors including academic centers, government, patient advocacy groups, pharmaceutical companies, and scientific innovators.

Academic centers are key partners for Massive Bio as they provide access to cutting-edge research and development in the healthcare field. Collaborations with academic partners can help to accelerate the translation of research into clinical practice and improve patient care.

Government partners can provide funding, regulatory expertise, and access to patient data, among other resources. These partnerships can help to support the development and implementation of new technologies and therapies in a way that is safe, effective, and accessible to patients.

Patient advocacy groups can provide unique insights into patient needs, priorities, and experiences, helping to ensure that new technologies and therapies are developed with patients in mind. These partnerships can also help to facilitate patient recruitment and engagement in clinical trials and other research studies.

Pharmaceutical companies and scientific innovative companies can provide expertise in drug development and commercialization, as well as access to resources such as clinical trial networks, biomarker discovery, and manufacturing capabilities.

Overall, Massive Bio seeks partners who are committed to improving patient outcomes through innovative solutions, and who can bring unique expertise and resources to the table to help accelerate the development and implementation of precision medicine technologies and therapies.
SOSV Stephen Chambers (
New York, New York Investor Catalyst Consortium Member SOSV is a global venture capital firm that offers scientists a range of resources to help translate their ideas into a commercial opportunity. One of its key offerings is its business accelerator program, which is designed to provide mentorship and operational expertize access to capital and network of investors, entrepreneurs, and experts.

The program offers a structured curriculum that helps scientists and researchers refine their business models, develop their products, and build their teams. Founders have access to resources such as co-working spaces, legal support, and accounting services to help them run their businesses more efficiently.

SOSV has a strong focus on deep technology, with a particular interest in life sciences, biotech, and hardware startups. Founders working in these fields benefit from access to SOSV's specialized facilities, which include fully equipped labs, clean rooms, and prototyping workshops.

In addition to these resources, SOSV offers its founders access to its extensive network of founders, mentors, and partners. This network provides with valuable connections to potential customers, investors, and collaborators, as well as access to expertise and advice from industry leaders.

Overall, SOSV's business accelerator program is designed to give founders the most applied support they need to turn their innovative ideas into successful businesses.
SOSV's experience and strengths make it a valuable partner for founders looking to grow their startups. SOSV has over two decades of experience in investing in and supporting startups across various industries, and this experience provides founders with access to a vast network of industry experts and resources.

One of SOSV's key strengths is its deep understanding of emerging technologies, and its ability to identify the most promising startups in these areas. SOSV has a strong track record of investing in successful startups in fields like biotechnology, hardware, and deep tech. This expertise allows SOSV to provide founders with valuable insights into market trends, technology developments, and other key factors that can impact the success of their startups.

Another strength of SOSV is its hands-on approach to working with founders. The SOSV team is highly engaged and provides founders with a range of resources, including mentorship, operational support, and access to SOSV's global network of investors and entrepreneurs. Additionally, SOSV's accelerator programs provide startups with the opportunity to work closely with other founders in their cohort, sharing knowledge and best practices, and building a strong community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Overall, SOSV's experience, expertise, and hands-on approach make it a valuable partner for founders looking to build successful startups in emerging technologies.
SOSV is looking for potential teamimg partners who would complement our expertiize and commitment to helping bring technology into the market place delivering impact at scale.
Capital Health System Arturo Loaiza-Bonilla (
Pennington, NJ Customer Experience Consortium Member Capital Health provides healthcare services to the communities in Mercer County and surrounding areas. Selected as NCORT/NCI site, the system operates two hospitals: Capital Health Medical Center - Hopewell and Capital Health Regional Medical Center in Trenton. The hospitals offer a range of medical and surgical services, including cardiology, neurology, oncology, orthopedics, and women's health. In addition to the hospitals, Capital Health System also operates outpatient facilities, such as Capital Health Medical Group, which provides primary and specialty care services, and Capital Health Cancer Center, which offers advanced cancer care services, committed to providing high-quality care and using the latest medical technologies to improve patient outcomes. The system has been recognized for its excellence in patient care and safety by various organizations, such as the Leapfrog Group and Healthgrades. Capital Health is changing healthcare delivery for the better, and can be instrumental to achieve the roles in advancing innovative design of trials, assess effectiveness of strategies, and healthcare delivery to underserved populations. NCI/NCORP study. Leader in the region in value based care delivery. Strong leadership with expertise in innovative solutions to care delivery, and a growing population and underserved community based program. We are looking for opportunities to provide the most advanced and innovative solutions to improve the care of our patients. The Hub focus on customer experience and drive user testing, adoption, access, and trust of ARPA-H projects, taking a human-centered approach to enhance clinical trials, serve representative patient populations, and capture outcomes data for future research is an ideal opportunity and use case for Capital Health.
The Ohio State University Dana McTigue (
Columbus, OH Customer Experience; Investor Catalyst Consortium Member The Ohio State University is a premier center for research and innovation with nearly 67,000 students, 6 regional campuses, and a presence in all 88 counties in Ohio through our extension network. Our medical campus includes 7 hospitals, multiple outpatient clinics and a network of community-based primary and subspecialty care facilities that manage over 900,000 patient visits annually across the state’s urban and rural communities. We manage multiple large-scale networks including a $350 million HEALing Communities program that aims to reduce opioid overdose deaths by connecting with local organizations in four different states. With nearly $1.4 billion in research expenditures (FY2022), Ohio State ranks 6th in industry-sponsored research among all US universities, and annually averages 360 new inventions created by Ohio State researchers. Since 2013, 120 startups have been created, 95 of which have either successfully exited or are still in operation attesting to the strength of and support for our innovation infrastructure. Ohio State offers extensive infrastructure to assist with patient-related data collection and management tie to Health Outcomes Measurement, Clinical Trials, and Testing and Evaluation. Our Technology Commercialization Office staff possess expertise in medical devices, diagnostics, therapeutics, artificial intelligence, and related areas and manage a pipeline of over 650 active health sciences technologies. Our Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship provides a campus-wide hub for collaboration and engagement with early-stage capital, startup talent, and robust programming staffed with professionals with extensive experience in venture investment and first-hand experience creating and running medtech startups. Our Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences Technology Innovation Program co-develops and tests strategic interventions with innovation ecosystem stakeholders to shorten the timetable and validate success or failure early in the development process. Our Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence offers extensive additive capabilities in metal, ceramic, and polymer printing technologies including laser powder bed fusion, electron beam powder bed fusion, directed energy deposition, binder jetting, stereolithography, and fused deposition modeling for rapid prototyping. Through its Medical Modeling, Materials, and Manufacturing (M4) Program, a team of biomedical, mechanical, electrical, software, and quality engineers support the design, testing, and fabrication of medical devices to take innovations from bench-to-bedside. The Ohio State University is interested in joining a Hub team as a spoke.
Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) Stephen Auvil (
Columbia, MD Investor Catalyst Consortium Member TEDCO is Maryland’s technology-based economic development organization. It was created 25 years ago to foster the transfer of technology from Maryland’s universities and federal laboratories. TEDCO works closely with Maryland’s five major research universities including two schools of medicine at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland. It has a strong track record of supporting translational research and new venture creation from these organizations. EDCO also has strong relationships with federal laboratories and supports commercialization of technologies from labs such the National Institutes of Health, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, the Army Medical Research and Development Command, and many others. Beyond translational research and technology commercialization, TEDCO has several venture funds at the pre-seed, seed, and early venture stages to support early-stage companies developing new products. This “first” capital investment helps to attract significant follow-on investments that allow the companies to scale and deliver products to the market. Finally, TEDCO provides several programs to help prepare entrepreneurs for investment and to connect them to networks of advisors. It understands that entrepreneurs need more than money to be successful. Due to its role in the innovation economy, TEDCO is a connecter or hub for Maryland’s innovation economy. TEDCO has many strengths in moving innovations to the market – this has been its focus for the past 25 years. First, it is good at fostering connections with other stakeholders in the innovation economy. TEDCO works with universities, federal laboratories, economic development organizations, business incubators, accelerators, technology councils, and the many companies that it supports. Additionally, it has been able to create networks of individuals with a variety of expertise who are interested in supporting new technology ventures. This includes regulatory and reimbursement experts, serial entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and other stakeholders. Second, TEDCO has expertise working with innovators – helping them to assess the commercial potential of their innovation, connecting them to resources to launch and scale a business that will deliver products to a market, and selecting the best opportunities for investments. Finally, TEDCO is currently leading a statewide effort (“Cultivate”) to strengthen Maryland’s innovation economy with a focus on innovation infrastructure and STEM workforce development – especially engaging underserved communities. This will bring together industry, academia, and government to strengthen Maryland’s ability to bring advanced innovations to market quickly and efficiently. TEDCO’s key strength is its ability to bring together and leverage the strengths of other stakeholders in the ecosystem. TEDCO is interested in serving as a spoke in the Investor Catalyst Hub to help support the ARPA-H mission of moving disruptive medical innovations to the market where they can serve the citizens that need them. This has been TEDCO’s role for a quarter century and the organization is interested in leveraging its experience and core competencies to support the ARPH-H effort in Maryland and beyond by supporting team members in the Investor Catalyst hub. TEDCO can support projects in Maryland through its investment and entrepreneurial support programs and share its best practices with other regions across the country. It has early access to new innovations in Maryland’s research universities through its existing Maryland Innovation Initiative program, access to innovations in start-up companies through its funding and entrepreneurial support programs, and access to new innovations from research funded by its Maryland Stem Cell Research Funds (MSCRF). TEDCO is looking for teaming partners that will complement TEDCO’s abilities and the abilities of other key stakeholders in the region. Additionally, TEDCO would like to team with a hub leader that understands the strengths of Maryland and the opportunity that it represents for medical innovations.
Luna Labs USA Christopher Tison (
Charlottesville, VA Customer Experience Consortium Member Luna Labs is a technology resource for energy, health sciences, first responders, and defense. Our scientists and engineers generate solutions that save time, save money, and save lives. We partner with universities, government labs, and the best companies in the world to explore the technological feasibility of new ideas, align technologies with customer needs, and generate solutions. We work with a robust global network of manufacturers, suppliers, licensees, and distributors, developing everything from small-scale prototypes to market-ready products. Our Biotech Division maintains expertise in human interfacing, rapid prototyping, and user-centric design of pharma, diagnostic, wound healing, and physiological monitoring technologies. We have significant experience managing multiple simultaneous government funded applied research and development contracts and grants, and specialize in concept ideation through preclinical development. We utilize a prototype-and-pivot approach to ensure that developed technologies are reviewed by end-users and customers early and frequently, and have demonstrated capabilities in both out-licensing and marketing developed products. Luna Labs is a diverse team of 100 scientists, engineers, and business professionals, over half with advanced degrees. We have over 80 US and international patents and a rapidly growing intellectual property pipeline, with protection in multiple patent families and successful product launches in multiple verticals. Each year, we leverage over $20M million in non-dilutive contract funding to de-risk market-relevant technologies for subsequent investment to make them market-ready. Our company is organized into three separate business units consisting of focused technical expertise in Materials, Systems, and Biotech. The multidisciplinary team collaborates frequently, allowing prototyping and validation of technologies that are too complex for many small businesses to approach. This can include bringing together advanced electrical engineers, biologists, and chemists to design new point-of-care diagnostic technologies; or mechanical engineers, human interfacing experts, and biomechanists to engineer new wearable posture support devices. We have unique expertise in user-centric design and frequently collaborate with partners around the country for both animal and human subject studies. There are very few technical challenges our team cannot solve, and we’re all dedicated to increasing the productivity of the mission driven - saving time, saving money, and saving lives. Luna Labs' expertise lies in concept ideation, prototyping, and managing technologies through pre-clinical development. We are looking for consortium partners that can guide clinical studies, perform marketing and sales, transition and fund technology past the preclinical stage, and leverage the generated intellectual property developed at Luna Labs to drive advances in healthcare. We have particular expertise in user-centric design and can partner with organizations that have critical needs for prototyping, design for use, and related activities.
SRI International Roland Stephen (
Menlo Park, CA Customer Experience; Investor Catalyst Consortium Member For 75 years, SRI has led the discovery and design of ground-breaking products, technologies and industries – collaborating across technical and scientific disciplines to generate real innovation and create high value for our clients. SRI’s commercialization services accelerate the technical path to commercialization through wrap-around support. This support includes venture guidance, prototype and product development, and commercial licensing. SRI’s innovation services grow an organization’s innovation readiness and help build innovative teams. Our innovation toolbox is built on human-centered design, business and technology-based innovation, and bioscience expertise. Each of our coaches have decades of design thinking experience to assist in developing patient centric solutions. From the computer mouse to robotic surgery, cancer treatments, and more, SRI’s 75 years of innovation have created new industries, billions of dollars in market value, and lasting benefits to society. SRI understands technology transition from the point of view of both the researcher and investor, it is a catalyst for commercial R&D partners that include household names in every industrial and commercial sector, and it is home to a long history of ideation and design thinking. SRI seeks partners who have need of proven commercialization and innovation services at the speed and scale of business.
Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center Donna Ingles (
Nashville, TN Customer Experience; Investor Catalyst Consortium Member AI/ML, bioinformatics, and big data are key VU/VUMC strengths, with human health applications exemplified by BioVU (VUMC biobank of de-identified DNA specimens), the VUMC Synthetic Derivative (de-identified information from more than 3.5M electronic health records), Computing the Biome (a Microsoft/VU partnership to develop and test an AI platform that monitors and predicts biothreats), and VUMC's role as the Data and Research Center for NIH's All of Us program. Our transformative approach to clinical care through the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network (VUMC) includes 70+ hospitals across 13 health systems in Tennessee and throughout the Southeast, enabling us to reach diverse and underserved patient populations. Innovative human-centered design is a key component of immersive courses and multiple funded research initiatives at VU (including an inaugural Pathfinder program with Army Futures Command). Further, VU’s Laboratory for Systems Integrity and Reliability (LASIR) pioneers advanced manufacturing approaches, VU’s LIVE initiative offers virtual and augmented reality innovations for testing and evaluating support and extending community and patient engagement, and the Vanderbilt Institute for Surgery and Engineering brings together engineers and clinicians to develop innovative new technologies and bring them through the commercialization process with our Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization. See left Partnership built on mutual trust, complementary resources, and shared values toward advancement of human health and health equity.
Bullseye Biotechnologies Inc. Oscar Abilez (
Menlo Park, CA Investor Catalyst Consortium Member Bullseye is an early-stage startup that makes advanced vascularized human heart, liver, and brain organoids (“mini-organs in a dish”) for i) drug discovery and ii) regenerative therapies.

Via innovative culture methods, biomedical instrumentation, and AI/ML techniques, we have created the market’s only vascularized organoids, which are more representative of true human physiology. This will transform how rapidly pharmaceutical companies bring drugs to market.

Our focus is on predicting the efficacy and toxicity of candidate drugs from pharmaceutical partners using our organoids.

Our long-term vision is to create organoids large enough (25-50 mm) to be implanted in patients as regenerative therapies for various diseases.
Bullseye’s three Co-Founders Oscar Abilez, Frankie Myers, and Andy Gooden have 60+ combined years of experience in organoid and human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC) biology, biomedical instrumentation, and AI/ML techniques, both in academic and industry settings.

Oscar and Frankie created the foundational technology for Bullseye at Stanford and UC Berkeley through 18+ years of research. Oscar has 20+ years of experience in organoid and hPSC biology, bioengineering, and surgery obtained through his various roles at Stanford. Additionally, he has 5+ years of industry experience with CarboMedics and General Motors.

Previously, Frankie was Director of Engineering at Lucira Health, where he led development of the first home-use COVID test to receive FDA authorization, which sold 1M units/month at the height of the pandemic. Currently, Frankie is also CEO of Mosaic Design Labs, which brings new innovations in biomedical instrumentation to market.

Andy has 28+ years of experience in image processing and AI/ML techniques. Previously, at Hewlett-Packard (HP) as Lead Image Processing Engineer, he co-developed a novel image processing pipeline that led to market leading image quality for HP's multifunction printers (MFPs). As a Staff Data Scientist at another company, he has co-developed AI/ML techniques to handle ~300B online transactions/day.
We are looking to partner with pharmaceutical companies, other biotechnology companies, academia, patient advocates, regulatory agencies, investors, and experts across various fields to advance organoid biotechnology for use in drug discovery and regenerative therapy.
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Priya Chandran (
Washington, DC Customer Experience; Investor Catalyst Consortium Member BCG has almost 60 years of experience providing services with specialties in a wide variety of areas including management consulting, strategy, technical consulting support, program evaluation, and research and development (R&D). In addition, BCG brings digital and data science expertise and works with our clients to unlock the potential of technology for greater effectiveness, efficiency, innovation, and change at scale. BCG is organized across 11 industry practice areas, including a large Health Care Practice Area (HCPA) and a robust and growing Public Sector Practice Area. We have deep and relevant expertise within each practice area and have accumulated case experience and expertise at the intersection of each. Specifically, BCG HCPA is one of our largest practice areas, comprising >10% of our business, and covers multiple functional areas, including biopharma; payers, providers, systems, and services; medical technologies; digital & tech in HC; global health; and oncology. It is often precisely because of our out-of-the-box thinking and cross-industry expertise that our clients come back to us for repeat engagements. Our ability to bring the best of each industry and cross-pollinate ideas is core to the BCG approach.

Through BCG X, our team brings world-class digital and data analytics capabilities. We have designed and built hundreds of custom digital products for and, most importantly, side-by-side with our health care clients. We have world-class experts in human-centered design, scaling prototypes, digital infrastructure, including simulation tools, and advanced analytics. The products we have assessed, designed, built, sourced, or deployed with our clients have hundreds of thousands of users and have reached the market 4x faster than normal client development timelines. We leverage three unique BCG capabilities to deliver these outcomes – BCG Platinion, our global team of tech and digital experts, architects, and engineers; BCG Gamma, our global team of data scientists and analytics experts; and BCG Digital Ventures, our global team of digital business builders.
Hub #1 – Customer Experience
BCG has experience working with stakeholders across the biopharma, MedTech, and payer/provider sectors to design products and services that leverage user engagement and feedback throughout the design process to create effective and impactful solutions. Our patient-centered design experience have proven to not only benefits the end user by integrating their needs into the end product – it also benefits the product creators by minimizing product support costs, delivering the right product to the market faster, reducing product development costs, and strengthening brand reputation. BCG uses a 5-step approach to patient-centered design projects: 1) Initial discovery, 2) Frame opportunities, 3) Prototype opportunities, 4) Test prototype(s), 5) Define solution.

For example, we designed a “digital front door” for a large healthcare player using customer experience feedback to guide our design and development efforts. This included collecting quantitative data, through KPI tracking and in-app surveys, and qualitative data, through caregiver and patient feedback as well as help desk insights. With this approach, BCG’s support yielded a number of critical positive impacts for the client, including reducing time to market from 5 to <1 year, an estimated $100M in value to the client, user experience ranking in the top 10% of apps, and an estimated 1,500 fewer patients per year hospitalized due to improved access, engagement, & agency.

Hub #2 – Investor Catalyst
BCG has vast capabilities and experience helping partners to overcome business problems and go to market across biopharma, MedTech, and payers/providers. Our experience includes supporting each of the top-20 pharma companies and 10+ leading biotech companies, 25+ leading health plans and sick funds, 30+ prominent hospitals, 19 of the top 20 MedTech companies, 10+ global non-profit organizations, and dozens of government agencies around the world. Our support also spans the value chain across all sectors: in the biopharma sector, we have dedicated teams supporting clients across corporate strategy and organization, digital strategy and capability building, commercial, operations, and R&D, including >1150 projects in the Americas. In the MedTech sector, we support companies across corporate finance & strategy; marketing, sales, & pricing; operations, and people & organization, including >600 projects in the Americas.

BCG’s extensive project experience is supplemented by numerous partnerships and expertise, differentiating us from other support. For example, our Innovation Center for Operations allows our partners to gain hands-on experience with Industry 4.0 by experimenting with innovative technologies technologies such as advanced robotics, additive manufacturing, augmented reality, 3d simulations, and industrial internet. Our cohort of >35 senior advisors, who are former senior leaders from all over the health care sector, provide experience-borne mentorship and training to our case team and clients.
ARPA-H mission is critical for improving health outcomes across our nation. BCG supported many projects in both private and public sectors with similar goals and objectives. We believe that together with other teaming partners we can help ARPA-H successfully leverage multiple research advances to make a real-world impact.
Twenty8 Technology, LLC Paul Johnson (
Falls Church, VA Customer Experience Consortium Management Firm (CMF) Twenty8 Tech is a small business specializing in Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA), Digital Transformation and System Modernization, Cyber, A&A Security, Cloud Migration, Agile Program Management, DevSecOps and CI/CD, and specialized Cyberspace Operations. Twenty8 is currently the prime SETA services supplier to DARPA's IT Directorate, providing SCI SETA support for their entire IT infrastructure and operation. Additionally, we provide both SETA and development support for other DoD digital transformation and system modernization efforts. Twenty8 is primarily a DoD contracting company. We believe our best in breed skills sets are extremely useful across all organizations, especially to one as new as ARPA-H, but a new to the space. Although our 7 years in support of DARPA provides a great and reusable methodology, we look for partners that are able to help better target those opportunities.