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Health Futures: “What if...?” Poster Series

At ARPA-H, our pursuit of health breakthroughs begins with a deceptively simple question: What if?

To reach transformative health solutions for everyone, we need to push ourselves to think beyond our current limitations. We need to ask what’s missing, what could be, and where could we go? When we ask “What if?” we bring the impossible into focus.

Inspired by the infinite possibility of this question, we challenged ourselves to illustrate several seemingly audacious solutions. Our “What if?” posters reflect a wide range of health challenges — and their audacious potential solutions.

While this initial set of posters does not reflect actual ARPA-H programs (yet!), we aim to inspire future activities and will release additional posters as our programs — and solutions — develop. Check back for our latest work!


Yes! Download the full-size posters using the links above. If you hang one on your wall, please share with us on Twitter.

The credit line should be ”Courtesy of ARPA-H”.

The current sizes posted above are what are currently available. Recommended maximum print size is 24 x 36 inches.