Program Manager Application

Transform the Future of Health

If you have a bold, ambitious idea and feel you would be a good fit for ARPA-H, please complete the form below and submit your cover letter, CV, program concept that addresses the ARPA-(H)eilmeier Questions, and additional program ideas.

Program Managers identify key problems in health today and envision revolutionary solutions that ensure equity and inclusivity. ARPA-H embraces a culture of open innovation and empowers its Program Managers to bring to life their vision by fearlessly pursuing health breakthroughs through transformational research that cannot readily be accomplished by conventional science or commercial activity. A fully realized program should make transformative advancements in health with a lifecycle extending up to 5 years.

ARPA-H Program Managers will serve an initial appointment of 3 years, renewable up to 6 years maximum, to ensure a constant rotation of new ideas and diverse perspectives.

To better understand the Program Manager position and the ARPA-H approach, review our FAQs, the full position description, and ARPA-H model.

Application Process


Submit your application packet

Submit the following 4 documents: your cover letter, CV, Program Concept (framed as direct responses to the ARPA-(H)eilmeir Questions with a 3-page limit, not including citations or bibliography), and a set of up to 5 additional program ideas (1 paragraph each). The request for the additional program ideas is to help us get a sense of the breadth of your thinking since Program Managers will launch a new program every year to a year-and-a-half. We will contact you following an internal review of these documents.

If you have any questions regarding the application process or technical questions related to your program idea(s), please contact:

Submission Form Below


Talk with us

If your professional background and program ideas seem a potential fit, an ARPA-H technical lead will reach out to schedule a meeting to learn more about your ideas and answer your questions about the process and life as a Program Manager. Major well-defined problems, a compelling and unique vision of how they might be solved, and clear expertise to move them toward solutions will help you progress to Step 3.


Prepare to pitch

You will have the opportunity to work with an ARPA-H technical lead to refine your concept and additional ideas into the shape that ARPA-H seeks. If after a couple of iterations, things seem to be in good shape, you will be invited to give a “job talk.”


The pitch!

You will present to ARPA-H staff a bit about yourself and why you want to join ARPA-H then dive deeper into your concept and ideas. You will also meet with ARPA-H leadership. If selected to join the ARPA-H team, we’ll empower you to launch that bold, ambitious idea to change the world by accelerating better health outcomes for everyone.

ARPA-(H)eilmeier Questions

Answers required as part of your program concept submission

Guide to answering the ARPA-(H)eilmeier Questions. Download Guide

Based on a set of questions developed by former DARPA Director, George H. Heilmeier (1975-1977), known as the “Heilmeier Catechism,” the ARPA-(H)eilmeier Questions provide potential ARPA-H PMs high-level guidance for what information should be included in their proposals, as well as allow PMs to communicate to ARPA-H leadership what they hope to accomplish with the program.

  1. What are you trying to do? What health problem are you trying to solve? Articulate your objectives using absolutely no jargon.
  2. How is it done today? What are the limitations of present approaches?
  3. What is new about your approach? Why do you think you can be successful at this time?
  4. Who cares? If you succeed, what difference will it make?
  5. What are the risks? Identify any risks that may prevent you from reaching your objectives, as well as any risks the program itself may present.
  6. How long will the program take?
  7. How much will the program cost?
  8. What are your mid-term and final exams to check for success?
  9. To ensure equitable access for all people, how will cost, accessibility, and user experience be addressed?
  10. How might this program be misperceived or misused (and how can we prevent that from happening)?

We recognize that the PM appointment has a finite duration, so there is limited time to solve important health challenges that face our nation. ARPA-H is committed to helping you ‘level up’ professionally as you aspire towards making this country a healthier place and accelerating improved health outcomes for all.


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Please note that U.S. citizenship is required for employment. Selected candidates for all positions will be required to undergo a thorough background investigation.

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    Attachments: Cover Letter, CV, Program Concept, and Additional Program Ideas

    To complete your application, attach the following four documents as separate PDF files using the upload tool below. Then click the submit button.

    Lack of compliance in submission of required documents and/or not using the specified format may delay review or even prevent application consideration.

    1. Upload a single PDF document no more than two pages, addressing:

      • Why you want to join ARPA-H
      • What you hope to accomplish at ARPA-H
      • Relevant qualifications and attributes (such as domain expertise, team building, drive, and innovativeness)
      • If you have prior ARPA experience, please include up to one additional page describing what were the positive and negative aspects of your experience.
    2. Upload a single PDF document.

    3. Upload a single PDF document of no more than 3 pages for a potential program concept; be sure to include citations and a bibliography, which do not count towards the page limit.

    4. Upload a single PDF document with up to five additional program ideas, no more than 200 words each.

    Reminder: Employment eligibility is limited to U.S. citizens. ARPA-H is not authorized to employ permanent residents (green card holders) or individuals lacking U.S. citizenship status. For further details, refer to our FAQs.