Opportunities to Engage

Work with ARPA-H

At the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H), we’re aiming to change the world for the better by tackling the hardest health challenges and the highest-impact programs. To achieve what seems impossible, ARPA-H challenges the people who work on our programs to build solutions as urgent and essential as the lives that depend on them. From diagnosis to cure, we’re seeking real breakthroughs in health to make life better for everyone. Join us and be part of the health transformation.

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Industry and Academia

Our performers

As we take on the hardest problems in health, ARPA-H can unlock new markets, pathways, and opportunities for both established entities and small start-ups. We seek to invest across the spectrum, and we encourage non-traditional government performers – of any size – to contribute. ARPA-H follows a model where Program Managers bring the well-defined problems. Then performers – the teams that are funded by ARPA-H from academia, industry, government, and elsewhere – apply for funding, usually in the form of a contract, to build their idea for a solution, with rigorous measurement and evaluation along the way.

Two medical professionals having a conversation over a microscope.

Early Adopters and Advocates

Our network

We recognize that health innovation has three components: the science, the regulatory environment, and the person who needs that solution. To make our solutions real – and accessible – in the real world, ARPA-H is building a network of investors, customers, innovation hubs, incubators, and accelerators. We want the people who will make ARPA-H innovations into on-the-shelves-everywhere options involved in projects as early as possible to mentor, advise and – eventually – ensure those innovations survive in the wild.

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International Collaborators

Our Reach

We work to tackle health challenges by seeking international collaborations that can inspire leading talent, create transformative solutions, and expand our knowledge. ARPA-H engages international stakeholders to identify collaborative research, funding, and transition opportunities that align with our agency's mission and enhance the impact of ARPA-H's initiatives on a global scale.

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Customers and Patients

Our purpose

People are at the center of everything we do. Through bold, ambitious ideas and approaches, ARPA-H can help shape the future of health and medicine in the U.S. by transforming the seemingly impossible into reality. Ultimately, ARPA-H will strive to propel towards one goal: to directly improve the health of all Americans faster than was ever imagined to be achievable.

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