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This page lists all open solicitations, including requests for information, proposals, agreements, and other opportunities. Please check back for the latest opportunities.

ARPA-H announces strategy for site selection

On March 15, 2023, ARPA-H announced the intention to establish sites in three geographic locations across the United States through the pursuit of a hub-and-spoke strategy, forming the foundation of a nationwide health network that seeks to advance ARPA-H’s mission to accelerate better health outcomes for everyone. Under the arrangement, ARPA-H will establish three hubs in various geographic locations, each supporting a network of partners, or spokes, that will actively support the dynamic needs of ARPA-H programs. Each hub site will form a center of gravity for key ARPA-H functions, but will retain a light footprint.

Hub site No. 1 will be in the National Capital Region (NCR) and focus on stakeholder engagement and operations adjacent to the majority of our nation’s regulatory and legislative partners and many businesses — critical partners needed to support transitioning new health capabilities to reach everyone who needs them.

Key criteria for sites in the NCR include but are not limited to: space to accommodate 85–100 employees, scalable to accommodate agency growth; four to six conference rooms and collaborative spaces dedicated solely to ARPA-H; proximity to ARPA-H stakeholders and federal partner agencies for in-person collaboration; move-in ready; proximity to an airport that is accessible by public transportation and parking. Finally, the site, ideally, will also feature flexible co-working space that enables access to workspaces in other geographies to support remote ARPA-H workforce and activities. ARPA-H will directly select the final site using traditional federal leasing and acquisition procedures, seeking the best value for taxpayer dollars.

ARPA-H will solicit respondents to identify the geographic locations sites for Hubs No. 2 and 3, issuing a draft Request for Consortium Agreement (RCA), describing the approach to identify the unique locations and capabilities that best serve the ARPA-H mission.

Hub No. 2, a customer experience hub, will drive user testing, adoption, access, and trust of ARPA-H projects, taking a human-centered approach to design products and services that people need and want to use. It will also take a proactive approach to enhance clinical trials, reach representative patient populations, and capture outcomes data for future research.

Hub No. 3, an investor catalyst, will provide resources to help performers bring their ideas to market. All hubs will maintain a light physical footprint – housing a small number of ARPA-H team members alongside key personnel at each hub to support agency objectives.

ARPA-H will hold an informational proposers’ day on March 24 to review the draft solicitation, gather feedback, and answer questions from potential proposers.

ARPA-H expects to announce awards by early fall 2023, and the period of performance for each hub will be five years. Final announcement of the location of a stakeholder and operations hub in the NCR is also anticipated in this timeframe.

How to Register for Virtual Proposers’ Day

Please send an email request to to register for ARPA-H’s Virtual Proposers’ Day. Please include the entity name, the name of the registrant(s), indicate if the entity is a Consortium Management Firm (CMF) or other entity (two registrants are permitted for CMFs but only one registrant is permitted for all other entities), and contact email. CMF one-on-one sessions are limited to CMFs and will be provided on a first-come-first-serve basis. There are only 15 total sessions available for CMFs. ARPA-H will respond with meeting information upon completion of registration. Scheduled times for the CMF one-on-one sessions will be provided at a later time.

For questions, please contact us at